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The era in which we live has undergone a great scientific evolution which has led to several changes in several fields, and has contributed to progress in development. The Western world - in particular - has given great importance to researchers and scientists and has encouraged discoveries and scientific and technological research, and the development in which society benefits is only the result of the collaboration of several efforts aimed at an easier and more prosperous future.
From this came the idea of the “Hudhud Tech” website
An Arab electronic platform aimed at the development of Arab society, spreading science and knowledge and informing readers and researchers of all new developments in the field of science, technology, telecommunications , personal development ... etc.
Our vision:
Science is the basis of development
We are looking for and working hard to make the “Hudhud Tech” site a science and technology encyclopedia that brings together the latest inventions and innovations, and informs about any updates.
We also aspire to make the “Hudhud Tech” site a scientific reference for all researchers, scientists, students, science enthusiasts, the curious and anyone interested in the field.
Our mission:
Through the “Hudhud Tech” website, we seek to make a qualitative and quantitative breakthrough for the Arab peoples towards progress and prosperity by disseminating science and encouraging scientific research.
We also aspire to contribute to a scientific renaissance that allows the Arab peoples to catch up with the developed countries
Our values:
-The intellectual honesty.
-Credibility: We aim to extract information from reliable sources.
-The distinction: we seek to put in place an exceptional content that has all the qualities that make him a reference of scientific knowledge.
-Creativity: The “Hudhud Tech” site team works hard to create an environment that motivates creativity by publishing creative content that is very beneficial for the reader and the Arab content.
Our goals:
- Contribution to development by disseminating science and scientific and technological knowledge.
- Presentation of the latest inventions and scientific and technological discoveries.
-Enrich Arab content quantitatively and qualitatively.
-Make the”Hudhud Tech” site a scientific reference.
-Contribute to an Arab renaissance in the field of science.
-Construct smart cities by motivating science and spreading new technologies.
- Encourage scientific research and motivate researchers and scientists.
-Develop communication tools and personal development.
- Formation of creativity and the formation of leaders.
-Follow the scientific and technological development.